Have a Heart Adoption programme description

More than half of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa live in poverty. Diseases, poor infrastructure, water and sanitation issues, hunger and malnutrition, cause immense suffering and premature deaths of many children. Join Have a Heart Adoption programme to improve the quality of lives of the African children and their communities.


Have a Heart Adoption programme description

By participating in the Have a Heart Adoption programme, you voluntarily agree to pay the monthly donations which are spent on education, nutrition and medical care of the children you decided to sponsor. Long term sponsorship allows you to get to know your child and build a unique relationship through the exchange of the letters. You will receive all the details and regular updates from the child you decided to sponsor. Your donation will ensure that the child receives education at a local school as well as aftercare and can continue studying through a high school. The primary goal of the Have a Heart Adoption programme is fighting the poverty and inequality and improving the lives of those in need in the developing countries.

We pass on the funds to the missionary centres operating locally in Sub-Saharan Africa that we cooperate with. The missionaries arrange the direct distribution to those in need. Currently, almost 4000 children receive the support in the following countries: Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi, Sudan, Madagascar, Cameroon, Togo and Ivory Coast.

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* not more than 10% of the donations are spent on the administration and fundraising of the Have a Heart Adoption programme