On near occasion to celebrate Have a Heart Adoption Day (5th September) we are publishing touching relation when “adoption mother” meeting child from the program. It took place in Ruhango in Rwanda at 29th of June 2017. Beata is supporting 18 years old boy Rwamigabo Assumani, who is currently attending high school. She went on pilgrimage to Rwanda, which was organized by Pallotine travel agency “Peregrinus”. Beata was one of four adoptive parents who had that opportunity to meet their adoption children. Rest reports from those meetings we published on our Facebook page. One of the main goals for this trip was visit in Sanctuary of the Holy Mother of The Word in Kibeho, the only place in Africa where Mother of God has manifestations. There is also school for blind children run by Franciscan sisters.

Rwanda – where is it? What is it like?

I travel a lot around the world but travel to Rwanda and meeting my adoption child was something incredible. Rwanda is a beautiful country (site views and nature), where lives is very different from European standards, but it is also different from African countries like RPA or Namibia, not mention the North of Africa like Egypt, Tunisia or Morocco. It’s a far from cry.

Apart from Kigali housing reality in Rwanda’s villages are incredibly poor. Barefoot children wearing dirty, ragged and way too big clothes is just like from the movie about biblical times. It is unbelievable that in XXI century people still live in such a poverty (not their choice of course). A lot of children instead attending to school or at least play, they work hard by carrying on their head heavy water cans or firewood.

During our stay lots of children keep coming to us and show that they are hungry. They had biggest smiles when they saw a tiny pack of sweets. It can be compared to our children when they get their dreamed gift. A small pack of sweets is normal for them and they wouldn’t even think about how lucky they are to have it. Despite all the poverty those people experiencing every day, they are very friendly and kind.

Have a Heart Adoption – meeting my adopted child

It was very intense experience. Language barrier was huge problem there but thanks to Izabela Wyloga and nuns and their hard work we managed to communicate and have a little chat. We talked about different things like school, living situation and work in Rwanda but also about his dreams. We viewed photos of his family. It was nice. I was very pleased that I could see for myself that all the money I donated help this family so much and it really get to them.

Blind children school

Shocking impression made the visit in blind children school in Kibeho. Children re learning Braille alphabet in there so they can live independent live one day. They are economically and otherwise disadvantaged. Sisters are incredibly ingenious, they are reusing everything they can, for example empty boxes from washing powder are used as backpacks.

Humility lesson

That trip would be great lesson for people living in first world countries. They would realize in what comfort and prosperity they are living. I, myself, started to think about how much money we (European people) spend on so many things we don’t really need. Maybe we should spend more money on children from third world country who need it for school or food instead of spending it on another dress or jewelry.

I am thinking to start helping another child. That amount of money for me is “be and exist” for him. Whose to blame for this situation? System, politics in Rwanda? It doesn’t really mater for people in there, they just want to stay alive. They work as we do but they earning are 1.5€ per day, and clothing or footwear are not that cheap. If that is not enough, no electricity or water is also incredibly impeding everyday life.

Maybe in few years time I will have a chance to travel to Rwanda again to my adoption son’s wedding. It is my promise to him. This are my personal reflections and conclusions. If someone has different view on this topic it is his right.

Beata Rutz

Have a Heart Adoption – meeting my adopted child