Have a Heart Adoption Day in Catholic Church – Celebrations in Poznan.

This year „Maitri” movement initiated for the very first time celebration of Have a Heart Adoption Day in Catholic Church.  Celebration took place 5th of September 2017 a in Parish of Christ Servant in Poznan. A part of of ceremony was ceremonial holy mass lead by priest archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki. We chose this date on purpose – it’s the date that we celebrate liturgical memory of Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta, patroness of Maitri Movement, and so organized by Movement “Have a Heart Adoption”.

Goals leads Celebrations in Poland and Africa

We set up general prayer day for people connected to Have a Heart Adoption both beneficiary, donors, volunteers and all others supporting this program.

  • thanksgiving for good caused by the program,

  • deepening the understanding of Have a Heart Adoption as the result of active love for Christ, who identified himself with “smaller brothers”,

  • expression of gratitude for people who support the program,

  • emphasizing how important is those kind of activities to build solidarity and bonding between people from different cultures,

  • awakening respect for human dignity and value of life,

  • impulse for action for families and youth and incentive to join and help,

  • getting to know each other by representatives from different orders and organizers arranging that kind of help and exchange experiences.

Have Heart Adoption Day was celebrated at the same time in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia and in any missionary country that run this program (Rwanda, Cameroun, Burundi).

Establishing  Have Heart Adoption Day

 “Maitri” Movement and Pallotine Priests from Missionary Secretariat in province of Christ the King and Pallotine Sisters, together, after genocide in Rwanda started in 1995/1996 first of this kind on such a big scale program in Poland. At this moment, that kind of help is provided by over 30 congregations and a few non-governmental organizations. Have Heart Adoption Day will be a day of everybody who is connected to program in any way, which is stated as voluntary commitment to help specific child living in poverty in mission country. We invite to celebrations every congregations and organizations implementing that kind of help (also called distance adoption) and every donor supporting that kind of program. Those, who can not be present are asked to join by prayers.

According to estimates, this kind of help is given up to 13 thousand children and youth mostly in Africa. Have Heart Adoption program started in Rwanda in 1996 initiated by Maitri. Thanks to great work Pallotine Congregations, program become one of best responses from Polish, Czech and Slovakian people on consequences of tragical genocide in Rwanda In first stage thousand of orphans have been rescued from death from hunger and illness. With time, thanks to their adoption parents they could start their education. In 2021 we will celebrate 25 years of Heart Adoption Program.

Have a Heart Adoption Day in Catholic Church

English version: Anna Pawlik