Father Yves Umaru talks about the poverty in Cameroon during the Missionary Sunday celebrations.

Missionary Sunday in Gdansk

It is the MAITRI Movement that supports the poor in Africa through its programmes. Once in a while, it is the Africa that comes to us. We had a great pleasure to welcome the father Yves Umaru MIC from Cameroon last Sunday on 28th May. He visited us in Gdańsk and stayed at the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Wrzeszcz. He is the first African ordained to the Congregation of Marian Fathers. Father Yves is fluent in Polish, and his sermon was in Polish as well. He spoke about the importance of the “Have a Heart Adoption” scheme and how big impact it has on the local community in Cameroon. He expressed his gratitude for all the efforts made by the MAITRI Movement to fight the poverty in Cameroon. We do not only fight with educational inequality in Africa. We also support local missionary health centres who provide food to undernourished children as well as medical assistance. Recently, thanks to our sponsors, we were able to build the school for one of the disadvantaged villages.

After the Mass, Father Yves along with other Rwandans living permanently in Gdansk, met with the parishioners. They were answering all the questions about the current situation in Cameroon and daily struggles of people living there.

The members of the MAITRI have also presented the outreach programmes we have in place. We have explained in detail how they work and how the funds are distributed amongst the poor in Africa, but also the disabled in Aleppo in Syria, who are still very much impacted by the brutality of the war and experiencing its horrible consequences.

Help us to fight the poverty in Cameroon and Sub-Saharan Africa

We were handing out the leaflets promoting our programmes. We were also selling missionary souvenirs to collect donations to nourish the children, fight the poverty in Cameroon and help the disabled community in Aleppo. See our Facebook page for more photos from the event.