Catholic Seminarians

Catholic Seminarians

Have a Heart Adoption Catholic Seminarians programme has been established to support the students of a theological seminary. The scheme was initiated in 2009 by Jan Ozga, the Bishop of Doume-Abong Mbang Diocese in Cameroon. The participants are young secondary school graduates who have a vocation to the priesthood. The annual cost of the Higher Theological Seminary in Bertoua is around €1000, approximately €85 a month. The education at the seminary lasts 9 years after which the candidates are consecrated and ordained to the priesthood.

The Seminary programme includes:

  • One year introductory course
  • Three years – philosophy
  • One-year internship in a parish of the diocese
  • Three years of the theology
  • One year diaconate and the internship in a parish

Like with all our Have a Heart Adoption programmes, the adoptive parent receives a file with all the details and information about the child including photos. There is a possibility to exchange the letters and create a long lasting relationship with your child.

Please contact our main office in Gdansk, if you wish to join the programme.