Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at the Heart Adoption coordination office

Voluntary work plays a vital role in changing the lives of the children participating in our leading Have a Heart Adoption programme. In fact, all our employees are volunteers. We are happy to work with everyone, regardless of the age or qualifications. Please get in touch if you want to help or get work-related experience and volunteer with Maitri!

01Work in our back office

We need help to translate the letters from the children to their adoptive parents and the other way around. We process approximately 6-7 k letters yearly. The languages we need help with are French, English and Polish. The volunteers can work from home.

Administrative assistance
We also need help with the preparation of relevant documentation and reports for the projects we run with the missionary centres in Africa. On average we complete 60 to 80 projects yearly. This is an office based role.


02Fundraising and Promotion of our programmes

We are looking for people who could help us to promote our activities by:
• Distribution of our newsletter “We and the Third World” (My a Trzeci Swiat),
• Managing our Facebook page,
• Coordinating updates on our website.

Awareness-raising campaigning
You can help us by promoting our ideas and programmes. We can provide all the necessary tools that would help you to spread the message like leaflets or booklets. We can also organise the meetings with the Maitri member who can deliver the presentation about our activities including relevant videos and photos from Africa.

03Our volunteers

We have a great variety of people volunteering with Maitri. There are pupils from the schools, students, middle-aged persons and seniors. Our oldest volunteer is 83!

04Other ways to volunteer with Maitri

Support us with your prayers and your suffering – this is the possibility for sick and suffering people who are not able to participate directly in our work.

Invite people from your local community to take part in Have a Heart Adoption programme and join The ‘Maitri’ Movement. Help us to distribute our newsletters and leaflets. Attend the events we organise and promote on our website and Facebook page.

Join us and begin a new adventure! Discover the reality of the communities living in the Third World countries. Call us +48 58 520 30 50 or send us a message.