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Have a Heart Adoption – how to write a letter to your sponsored child?

Exchanging the letters with your sponsored child is an important part of the Have a Heart Adoption programme. In this way, you can create a long lasting relationship with your child, make him/her feel special and bring joy and happiness to their lives.

Tips on how to write a letter to your sponsored child
If this is the first time for you writing a letter to your child, it’s best, in the beginning, to write a little about yourself, your family, your interests or hobbies and your work. The letters should be short and simple. Make sure that you ask questions about your kid’s life: about the school, the family and friends, etc. Please keep in mind that sometimes you might not receive all the answers. The majority of our kids are coming from rural areas where the letter correspondence doesn’t exist, and many of them are writing the letters for the first time in their lives.

What can I include with a letter?
We encourage including photos. The kids are curious about you and your life, and the photos will give them a better insight into it. You can attach postcards, stickers or colouring pages but make sure these are not larger than A5. If you attach the books, please ensure they are written in the language your child speaks: English or French. Please do not send any toys, games, metal objects, clothes or school accessories.

What not to write?

• Don’t suggest to your child that he/she can visit you or you can come to Africa. Don’t promise them presents, additional money or that you will sponsor their education long term including the University. The Missionaries advised us that sometimes favouring some children over others create unnecessary jealousy and conflicts.
• Don’t share your home address, phone number or email address – this can cause unexpected requests for help from the child’s family or neighbours.

In what language should I write?
You can write a letter to your sponsored child in English or French.

What should be a letter’s weight?
A letter shouldn’t be larger than A5 and weigh no more than 250g.

How should I address a letter?
You need to include the following information on each letter or item (book, colouring pages, photos, etc.) you wish to send to your sponsored child:
• the first and last name of the child
• the identification number of your child
• the name of the missionary centre that is helping your child
• your unique Maitri code.

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The Pallotine Sisters – Masaka

Where should I send a letter?
Please send all the letters to our main office in Gdansk. Our volunteers will translate the letter if needed. Please do not send the letters directly to Africa.