2,5 miliarda ludzi żyje w ubóstwie

Czy mamy się z tym pogodzić?

What motivates us – the vision of MAITRI Movement

We believe in a world. World without hunger, and poverty. World where suffering is not part of everyday life, all human beings are equal and their rights are fully respected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the poorest communities, especially children living in poverty in the countries of the Global South, but also around us. We fulfil our mission through:

– charitable activity addressed at ‘real people’ in need – we actually know the names of each person we help,
– humanitarian aid – its effectiveness is ensured through cooperation with Polish missionaries who know local reality and needs,
– promotional and informative activities aimed at Polish society to increase sensitivity to problems inhabitants of the developing countries are faced with.

Through our activity, we fulfil statutory goals of Maitri Movement.

Every day tens of thousands die of starvation

Did you know that almost a fifth of the population of the Earth is poverty stricken, few hundred million of people suffer from famine and every day tens of thousands die of starvation?  Among those, a significant part is children. Along the road the humanity strides towards its progress, there are crowds of paupers deprived of the basic means of survival and of human dignity.

Thanks to today’s technology, we can even spot each of them using the satellite’s system. Yet still, our hearts remain blind. We do not notice them. This is why today’s world became a silent witness of a tragedy for which one cannot find a counterpart throughout the history. One of many misfortunes is misery and hunger that affect a big part of the human population. The gap between those pushed into depths of misery and the wealthy societies (which fortunately we are part of), constantly widens. Particularly shameful is the fact that “some nations, where a majority of people pride themselves to be Christian have an abundance of wealth, whereas others are deprived of the necessities of life and are tormented with hunger, disease, and every kind of misery.” (Second Vatican Council, Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, 88).

The divisions among people are not a result of bad economic practices or disorganisation of societies. The routes of the problem are in people’s’ hearts. They can be a result of not being able to understand the poor, the situation they are in, its causes. Most often though, the divisions are the result of egoism of individuals, groups or nations, as well as conceit, greed and lust for power no matter the price. They are also deepened by various prejudice, xenophobia, nationalisms or ideologies preaching class, religious or race hatred, etc.

Silenced voice of the heart

The bottom line is that the individual moral attitudes lead to ‘silencing the voice of the heart and consciousness’. In these individual attitudes, unfair social structures are embedded and this allows for this tragic situation to prevail and does not allow any change for better. The change can only take place through a transformation of people’s’ hearts and consciousness. Only this can convince us to open up to problems of today’s world and of those who suffer the most, as well as to decreasing waste and limiting our needs so we can share with the poor.

Who will take responsibility for the Third World?

St. John Paul II in one of his sermons asked us: “And who will take responsibility for the Third World?”. All of us should, as Bible says: “Do not turn your face away from any of the poor. […] If you have great wealth, give alms out of your abundance; if you have but little, do not be afraid to give alms even of that little” (Tb 4,7-8). The MAITRI Movement is a response to his calling.

What motivates us – the vision of MAITRI Movement