Have a Heart Adoption University Students programme enables the participants of Secondary School scheme to continue their education at the university. The annual student costs are around €400-€1000, depending on the country, the level of education and the field of study. The contribution may reach €85 per month and is agreed individually with the sponsor depending on other fees like student accommodation or food. The Maitri has been running the university students programme in Congo and Cameroon since 2010 in cooperation with the Congregation of Dominican and Pallotine Sisters, as well as with the Sisters of the Most Holy Soul. Each year the student is obliged to submit a certification confirming the completion of the education. It is a primary requirement for receiving the continuous support. The programme aims to help bright young people to obtain Bachelor degrees (3 years) or Master degrees (5/6 years).

Like with all our Have a Heart Adoption programmes, the adoptive parent receives a file with all the details and information about the child including photos. There is a possibility to exchange the letters and create a long lasting relationship with your child.

Please contact our main office in Gdansk, if you wish to join the programme.