The photo represents the current state of Aleppo. Please help us today to provide the aid for the disabled in Aleppo.

The aid for the disabled in Aleppo

In February 2017, the Maitri Movement launched two outreach programmes. Both initiatives have been undertaken to provide the aid for the disabled in Aleppo in Syria. In both cases, the funds support rehabilitation, various treatments, purchase of hygiene products and food. The aid is transferred through the Latin Parish of St. Francis in the western part of Aleppo.

1. Aid for 58 disabled adults

The disabled in Aleppo are part of the International Association Faith and Light community (originally founded by Jean Vanier) that operates within the Parish of St Francis. The monthly contribution for a single person amounts to 33 EUR. The first funds have already been distributed, but the remaining pool of money will not suffice for too long therefore we need more financial support.

2. Have a Heart Adoption for 32 disabled children from Aleppo

The second aid programme is designated for the disabled children and young people with physical and mental disabilities, as a part of the Have a Heart Adoption – Disabled Children programme. The scheme is the form of an individual or group sponsorship (e.g. school classes, parish communities, families or just groups of friends) of the particular persons known by the name and surname. The monthly contribution for a single person amounts to 26 EUR.  The sponsors receive the photographs and all the details of the young people they have decided to support. Please fill out the sponsorship application if you are interested in joining the programme.

How much money is needed annually? How to donate?

To finance the project for 58 disabled people for the period of a year, we need 22,968 EUR. Providing support for 32 disabled children through the Have a Heart Adoption programme costs 9,984 EUR. The combined amount we need is 32,952 EUR. Therefore we appeal to all people of good will to support those projects. Every contribution of yours will add to the improvement of the situation of the disabled community who highly appreciates even the smallest gesture of solidarity. You can donate by making a bank transfer to the below account:

Recipient: Stowarzyszenie Ruchu Maitri
Transfer title: Aleppo
Bank account: PL 33 1160 2202 0000 0002 5567 7854

The Latin Parish of St. Francis

Sr Brygida Maniurka from the Congregation of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary organises the distribution of the support locally in Aleppo thanks to the funds received from the Maitri Movements and its sponsors.

– It is already six years now since the war broke out in Syria. Aleppo has been impacted the most – Sr. Brygida reports – the local people live in poverty. The unemployment is high, and the costs of living are barely affordable. The situation of the families with the disabled members is more challenging than of anybody else. They have to deal not only with the problem of how to survive but also how to support the family and afford the food, water, electricity, heating, clothes and education for the children. These families need additional funds for various treatments and proper nutrition for their disabled members. We are not able to cover all the expenses. We try to offer them at least part of the financial support they need. – explains Sr. Brygida.

As soon as we launched “The Aid for The Disabled in Aleppo” programme, Sr. Brygida started to visit the families in need on a weekly basis. The visits make them feel more secure and cared for and give us an insight into their problems and needs. We can then assess what sort of help the families need. Before the war, the situation of the disabled community in Aleppo was difficult as well. They didn’t receive any benefits from the state. The families were solely responsible for financing the needs of their disabled members.

What is the Have a Heart Adoption programme?

Have a Heart Adoption programme provides you with the voluntary opportunity to support a particular child, known by a name and surname, who lives in deplorable conditions in developing countries. The scheme may have a form of individual or group remote sponsorship. It allows you to get to know your child and build a unique relationship through the exchange of the letters. You will receive all the details and regular updates from the child you decided to sponsor. The Maitri Movement has been leading this programme with the cooperation of Polish missionaries since 1996. Initially, the aim of the programme was to save and provide the education for orphaned children who would otherwise be left to starvation after the devastating civil war in Rwanda that claimed almost a million casualties. More than 10.000 children and young people from Sub-Saharan Africa have received our support so far.

In the beginning of 2017 there were approx. 3500 people who were receiving our support. Most of the participants of the Have a Heart Adoption programme attend primary schools, but we also had 75 students and clerics, 58 disabled children and 101 young apprentices. We support communities in the countries like Rwanda, Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Chad, Cameroon, Sudan, Togo, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Bolivia and India. Please fill out the sponsorship application if you are interested in joining the programme. Having paid a contribution for 3 months, the sponsor is assigned to a particular child.

The Maitri Movement Association is a Public Benefit Institution and constitutes a legal representation of the centre of the Maitri Movement in Gdańsk. The annual report of the Maitri Gdansk including all basic facts about the programmes and beneficiaries can be found here.

If you want to learn more about Maitri, visit our website.

For more information about the aid programmes launched in Aleppo contact us by email or phone.