Szkoła Średnia

Have a Heart Adoption Secondary School programme is in the majority of the cases the continuation of our Primary School adoption scheme. However, it supports also young people who have not participated in our aid programmes before. Secondary School programme lasts six years and is aimed at children and youth attending secondary schools. The monthly fee is €17. Your donation covers school fees up to the graduation and any other related expenses. The child, to receive support, needs to present a certification confirming he/she completed the previous year at school. It should be noted, though, the educational system in African countries is not entirely structured or formalised. The pupils sometimes encounter difficulties while obtaining such certificates.

As with the Primary scheme, once you decide to become an adoptive parent, we will provide you with the welcome pack. The pack includes the photo of your child, his/her story and further information on where your sponsored child lives. You will receive regular updates about your child and a yearly report on his/her educational development. You will be able to connect with your child and develop a long lasting relationship.

Please submit the registration form, if you wish to join the programme.