Have a Heart Adoption programme

Have a Heart Adoption programme provides you with the voluntary opportunity to support a particular child in Africa, known by a name, who is unable to afford school fees due to his/her poor living conditions.

Currently, there are two different options implemented:
• Have a Heart Adoption – Long term sponsorship
• Have a Heart Adoption – A school term for an African child

Long term sponsorship

Long term sponsorship allows you to get to know your child and build a unique relationship through the exchange of letters. You will receive all the details and regular updates from the child you decided to sponsor. Your donation will ensure that the child receives education at a local school as well as aftercare and can continue studying through a high school.

Monthly fee starts from 13€ for the child in a primary school.

Please fill out the sponsorship application if you are interested in joining the programme.

A school term for an African child – one-time donation

Unfortunately, there are still so many children for whom we were unable to find long term sponsors. We would like to ensure they receive an adequate education while awaiting sponsorship. To do it, we are raising funds through our Poverty Aid Fund. You do not commit long-term, rather you define the way of your sponsorship. Will this be a one-time donation, few months or a year, it’s entirely up to you. You decide how much and for how long you can help.  This type of a donation covers school expenses for a particular period. You remain anonymous, and the child will not be provided with your details.

13 € – 1-month donation

13 € monthly x 6 months = 78 € for a school term

11 890 € – total amount for 70 children – 2 school terms each

Your contribution will support the children awaiting long term sponsorship.

Sponsor a child today and see for yourself the difference your support can make!

The children participating in our Have a Heart Adoption programme outside of their school. Sponsor a school term for an African child today!