Programy Adopcji Serca

Dajemy szansę na poprawę warunków życia i dostęp do nauki dla znanych z nazwiska i imienia podopiecznych z Afryki.
Istnieje możliwość wybrania programu pomocy spośród niżej wymienionych.

Have a Heart Adoption-<br>Primary School

The participants of the programs are the youngest children attending primary school and those who have not started education yet. Monthly contribution is just €13, and it will be allocated for nutrition, education fees, health care and general support. Join the program. Give a child a chance.

Have a Heart Adoption <br>Secondary School

The participants of the program are young people attending secondary school. Monthly donation is just 17 , and it will be allocated for school fees and clothes. Program lasts 6 to 7 years. Become ‘Adoptive’ Parent.

Have a Heart Adoption <br>School of Life Skills

Have a Heart Adoption
School of Life Skills

The goal of this program is to support youth who have not completed any education, to gain the skills allowing them to become self-dependant member of society. Monthly donation is just €15  and it will be allocated for school fees. Program lasts 2 or 3 years. Submit the declaration.

More info on the ‘Have a Heart Adoption’ programs

How to understand the ‘Have a Heart Adoption’ program?
Taking part in one of our ‘Have a Heart Adoption’ programs, the benefactor undertakes a moral obligation to provide help to a particular child from Africa, known by name. The aim of ‘Have a Heart Adoption’ is to protect the poorest people from dying of hunger; secure the funds necessary for education, health care and preparation for living on their own. The sponsor will receive a file with description of living conditions  and pictures of the child and will be able to exchange letters with him or her.

All the raised funds are transferred to the Polish missionaries working in sub-saharian Africa, who arrange direct distribution of help. In this way, almost 4000 children are being supported in the following countries: Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi, Sudan, Madagascar, Cameroon, Togo and Ivory Coast. All the details concerning the process of help distribution are recorded and supervised. The program was launched in 1996 in Rwanda.

* not more than 10% of the donations could be spent on the administration of Have a Heart Adoption program and fundrising.

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