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In sub-Saharan countries like Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo or Cameroon, everywhere you go, you can see the groups of children. They work in the fields, carry water or just wander around. Why aren’t they in the school?

Burundi, for example, is one of the poorest countries in the world. The government paying off massive foreign debt is unable to finance education or health services. Both these sectors are not free, and this significantly impacts the poorest who just cannot afford the fees. The situation of the neighbouring Rwanda is not good either. It has worsened after the civil war that took place in 1994. The genocide resulted in deaths of more than 1 million of Rwandans. It also left hundreds of orphaned children who now struggle to survive without one or both parents. In many cases children, up to 14 years of age are forced to take care of their young siblings. There are so many Rwandans living in difficult circumstances themselves, to some, vulnerable children are worth only their labour. Congo, especially the Nord-Kivu region suffered from the civil war as well. Unfortunately, in these countries, an education is a luxury unavailable to the most of the children. The Maitri Movement is trying to change the lives of at least some of the children by organising aid programmes.

Have a Heart Adoption – Primary School programme is dedicated to the youngest children in the primary schools or those who have not started their education yet. The monthly fee is €13. Your donation covers school fees up to the graduation as well as aftercare. We also provide the children with the nutritious food supporting their healthy growth. Once you decide to become an adoptive parent, we will provide you with the welcome pack. The pack includes the photo of your child, his/her story and further information on where your sponsored child lives. You will receive regular updates about your child and a yearly report on his/her educational development including a school certification. You will be able to connect with your child and develop a long lasting relationship.

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