Help us feed the children in Rwanda and Kongo

The Maitri Movement has launched “Nourish the Children” programme to organise the funds to feed the children in Rwanda: Masaka, Ruhango, Gikondo, Kibeho and in Kongo: Rutshuru. The scheme has a huge impact on local communities especially young kids and their mums who are unable to breastfeed due to malnutrition.

Every single day we help a large number of children. In many cases, they are on the brink of starvation. We put an enormous emphasis to feed the children especially under age five. The nourishment of little ones not only allows for their quick recovery but saves the lives! It also helps to reduce the cases of tuberculosis, AIDS, cholera and brain fever.

Weigh-in of the child in Masaka centre in Rwanda - help us to feed the children in Sub-Saharan Africa!

Weigh-in of the child in Masaka centre in Rwanda

The goals of the programme:

  • feed malnourished children,
  • reduce the under-five mortality rate as well as of the women,
  • decrease the number of children who are unable to grow due to malnutrition,
  • improve the local communities’ knowledge about the hygiene.

“Nourish the Children” scheme centres support not only under-five children but also those in kindergartens or primary schools. The families in here are so poor that they are able to provide only one meal a day for the kids, in the evening. This causes hunger and undernourishment. Our programme is run locally through five centres in Rwanda and Kongo by the Pallottine Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate who co-operate with the Maitri Movement.

The Sister Marta Litawa SAC from Rwanda writes:
“All centres offer the laboratory services, serve as first aid stations, treatment rooms for tuberculosis, provide prenatal consultations, medical evaluations of malnourished children and those living with HIV. Every single day we receive just under the hundred of children in each centre. They are in different stages of malnutrition, but many of them are on the edge of starvation. Thanks to your efforts we are not only able to run our centres and feed the children but also cover a year insurance for them. The health insurance allows free prescriptions and hospital treatments.”

Estimated costs of the project

Beans – 1 440.000 frRw
Milk powder – 3.360.000 frRw
Flour – 3 600.000 frRw
Rice – 1 600.000 frRw
Oil – 1 200.000 frRw
Milk for infants – 3.428.000 frRw

Total costs: 18 890 €

You can donate by making a bank transfer to the below account:

Recipient: Stowarzyszenie Ruchu Maitri
Transfer title: Nourish the children in Rwanda and Kongo
Bank account: PL 33 1160 2202 0000 0002 5567 7854

Under-five children in one of our centres