Dzieci Niepełnosprawne

Have a Heart Adoption Disabled Children programme is focused on ensuring that physically and mentally disabled children have access to rehabilitation and schools and their living conditions are improved. The situation of those with disabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa is tragic, especially in rural areas. They suffer from social exclusion and receive no rehabilitation treatments or education. Stigmatisation exists in large scale. The main reason is the lack of knowledge about the disabilities and the needs of the disabled. Disabilities cause the fear in society and result in prohibiting the disabled community from obtaining an education, proper health care, getting the job and receiving financial support. The Maitri launched Have a Heart Adoption Disabled Children programme in 2011 in cooperation with The Congregation of Sisters of Angels (Congregation Sororum Angelorum) who run the missionary centre in Nyakinama, Rwanda. In the beginning of 2017, the program was launched in the Latin Parish of St. Francis in Aleppo, Syria.

We provide the support till the school graduation or the age of 21. The monthly fee is €26. Your donation covers expenses of rehabilitation, purchase of prostheses and boarding school fees. The children with significant disabilities are taught how to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

Like with all our Have a Heart Adoption programmes, the adoptive parent receives a file with all the details and information about the child including photos. There is a possibility to exchange the letters and create a long lasting relationship with your child.

Please submit the registration form, if you wish to join the programme.