Charyzmat i cele

The Movement’s charisma is love for the world’s poorest of the poor expressed in action. This gift of grace allows the members of ‘Maitri’ Movement Community to:

  • see the poverty of the poorest of the poor and divisions of the human family;
  • recognize God’s message to them in the signs of the times;
  • accept this appeal and respond to it in the spirit of faith.

The main goals of the Movement
The Movement’s spirituality and its members’ lifestyles imply the fundamental aims:

  • to help the poorest of the poor in the Third World countries;
  • to make our hearts and consciences more aware of the dignity of the poorest, their suffering, needs and values they live by;
  • to deepen the reflection on the consequences of sin and on the structures built on it, which are the deepest causes of poverty and hunger in the world;
  • to look for the ways of forgiveness, reconciliation, and rapprochement between people from different nations, languages, races and religions;
  • to seek for the opportunities of rapprochement betweenthe rich and the poor so as to overcome the divisions that prevent the changing of the dramatic situation of the poorest.