Have Heart Adoption in Madagascar

The Maitri Movement runs Have a Heart Adoption scheme in Madagascar in cooperation with the Jesuits order, in Fianarantsoa and Amparibe.

Difficult living conditions in Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the least developed countries in the world. Only one in four people have access to clean drinking water. The Polish Jesuits, successors of Blessed Jan Beyzym, are committed to developing an education for Madagascan children.

Blessed Jan Beyzym treated people affected by leprosy as equal to anybody else. He was inspired by one of the sick, Michal, about whom he said: “I have been priest and monk for such a long time and still so far away from achieving the level of Michal’s devotion”. His missionary zeal was often misunderstood by others. Sometimes he was too impulsive. Once someone told Jan, that people with leprosy should be eliminated, he said: “I try to love my neighbours as myself, do not judge nor hate anyone, but I openly say to my Father, that I can’t stand the one who gives me such advice”. In the beginning, even the Madagascan people didn’t believe that Jan can deal with leprosy. They kept saying: “Look, look, he touches them but is not afraid!”. Jan didn’t accustom right away to leprosy. He wrote: “You have to get used to the stench, here you can’t smell flowers, but fetor of the rotten flesh…”. Despite all this, Jan didn’t give in and over time he got used to it. He said: “Of course, sometimes, it’s difficult while cleaning the wounds, but I’d rather have them on myself than to see the suffering of all these people”. Jan was fighting for the proper hospital to treat leprosy, yet, he didn’t receive an approval from the mission supervisor. He always had a great trust in Our Lady. He believed that the Virgin Mary would lead everything as it should be.