How YOU can help the poor in Africa?

You can choose how you want to help. Every little piece of help weights.

<a href="/deklaracja-pomocy-ang">Have a Heart -  'Adopt' a Child</a>

Thanks to 'Have a Heart' Adoption program, you give to a child, who is the same as those you can see everyday in the street, a chance for a better life. You can help to satisfy his basic needs. Become an 'adoptive' parent. Join the program. Submit your declaration

<a href="">Become a volunteer</a>

Donate your time, join a wonderful group of people working with Maitri and release your heart. Everyone is more than welcome. Join us.

<a href="/projekty-pomocowe">We support the aid projects and programs</a>

Thanks to our benefactors’ generosity, we support many initiatives held by missionaries aiming at nourishing the starving people, providing medical care and education for orphans and children from poverty-stricken families. Donate

See how you have helped

Take a look how we have spent the money received from our donors.
The list of the finalized projects..

Nourishing children in primary school in Dimako, Cameroon

Nourishing children in primary school in Dimako, Cameroon

We are very grateful for your help, which is appreciated by children, teachers and parents. They live in destitution, but try to support our project as much as they can. As we live in the rainforest area, parents promised that all year round they would provide wood necessary for the preparation of the food. Together with pupils, teachers and parents from our school we keep you in our hearts and minds and, as far as it is possible, we hope we can count on your help in future. Carmelite Sisters of the Child Jesus; Dimako, Cameroon.

Purchase of the food for Nutrition Centre in Nyakinama, Rwanda

Purchase of the food for Nutrition Centre in Nyakinama, Rwanda

On behalf of everyone who suffers from hunger, staying and being treated in our Nutrition Centre in Nyakinama, I want to thank you very much to all of you for all the help we have received. May you share the joy of recovery, especially with the youngest patients. May God’s blessing and peace be always with you. I am grateful for all your help and I keep you in my prayers. Sister Maria Piatek, Congregation of Sisters of Angels,Rwanda.